CercleS boards

The organisation of CercleS is based on three pillars: the General Meeting, the Co-ordinating Committee, and the Executive Committee.

The General Meeting

Which meets at least every second year, determines the overall policy of the Association. It ratifies the election of the President, approves standing orders and the reports of the President, Secretary and the Treasurer. It determines the strategy by which CercleS shall develop its plans for action. 

The Co-ordinating Committee

Is responsible for general management of the affairs of CercleS. It directs the actions of the Executive Committee and supervises the latter’s administrative activities. It approves accounts and annual budget. It draws up proposals for standing orders, or amendments to the same, for submission to the General Meeting. The Co-ordinating Committee consists of the Chair persons of all Full Members and additional representatives selected by Full Members in proportion to the size of their membership as well as of the President, Secretary General and Treasurer of CercleS or their deputies. The last Co-ordinating Committee meeting was held in September 2016 in Cosenza. Previous Co-ordinating Committee meetings have been held in Nancy (2015), Fribourg (2014), Barcelona (2013) and London (2012). You can find information about our Co-ordinating Committee.

ACLES: Cristina Pérez Guillot

AICLU: Carmen Argondizzo

AKS: Peter Tischer

AULC: John Morley

CASALC: Helena Sajgalikova

FHS-ELHE: Sabina Schaffner, Petra Gekeler, Elisabeth Paliot

FINELC: Mike Nelson

NUT: Anje Dijk

RANACLES: Annick Rivens Mompean

ReCLes.pt: María del Carmen Arau Ribeiro

SERMO: Dr Kinga Studzińska-Pasieka

VUS: Katrin Mayr

The Executive Committee

lilka picture Carmen Heidi catherine-chabert MartaEstella Andrea Koblizkova

From left to right: Liliana Szczuka-Dorna (President), Carmen Argondizzo (Vice-President), Heidi Rontu (Secretary General), Catherine Chabert (Deputy Secretary General), Marta Estella Clota (Treasurer), Andrea Koblizkova (Deputy Treasurer).

The Executive Committee of CercleS is made up of its President, Secretary General, Treasurer and the respective deputies. The Executive is elected every two years by the Co-ordinating Committee.

It manages the day-to-day running of the organisation and represents the organisation with respect to other associations. For the members of the present Executive Committee of CercleS please visit CercleS Executive Page.


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