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XIV CercleS International Conference, 22-23-24 September 2016, University Language Centre, University of Calabria

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Last Date 23 Sep 2016
Event 22 Sep 2016 - 24 Sep 2016
Place Language Centre, University of Calabria - Cubo 25C Ponte Pietro Bucci, Arcavacata di Rende

The Language Centre of the University of Calabria is pleased to announce the XIV CercleS International Conference entitled Enhancing Learners’ Creative and Critical Thinking: the Role of University Language Centres. The Conference will be held on 22-23-24 September 2016.

The aim of the Conference is to create an occasion for scholars, practitioners and project managers to share ideas about research and didactics related to language learning and teaching. The Conference wants to offer the opportunity for a three-day collaborative and friendly debate which will involve the many members of the Associations of Language Centres in Europe who, thanks to their varied working and geographical backgrounds, will enrich the conference discussions. It is, indeed, our wish to embrace different perspectives in order to promote in-depth reflection on issues related to the well-being of language students and of University Language Centres.

Creativity and Critical thinking are concepts of paramount importance for learners' global development process, both from a cultural and social point of view as well as from a linguistic and multilingual perspective. We strongly believe that it is the duty of language scholars to never forget the role that languages have in society and the role that creativity and critical thinking, in particular, have in language acquisition and learning. Teaching actions should therefore encourage learners to bring out all of their potential, which is often hidden inside and silently waiting for the right stimulus to help create meaningful actions.

Papers can be delivered in various languages. This has the aim of enhancing the multilingual aspect of the conference, which wants to emphasize the wide range of cultures and communication styles that practitioners in University Language Centres come into contact with during their academic life. Experiences will therefore be considered from a European perspective and beyond,
thus providing participants with insights that should help reinforce the concept of belonging to a community of practice that crosses all geographical boundaries.

Topics have been chosen to include broad research areas, with interrelated sub-issues, which have favoured important changes in the field of language learning and teaching and which foster significant debate on how languages naturally interweave with other academic disciplines. They are intentionally broad so as to encourage the sharing of a wider range of backgrounds, findings, expertise, ideas and discussions.


All Dates

  • from 22 Sep 2016 to 24 Sep 2016

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