LLHE Webinar on 8 December 16:00 CET

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LLHE Webinar on 8 December 16:00 CET

We are thrilled to present another LLHE Webinar on 8 December at 16:00-18:00 (CET), where we will interview the authors of some of the previous issues.


The upcoming webinar will feature the following guests:


Riccardo Amorati and Elisabetta Ferrari
Podcasting as project-based learning and its effect on the acquisition of linguistic and non-linguistic skills

Julia Zabala Delgado and Laurent Rouveyrol
Assessing verbal interaction: towards European harmonization. Insights from the co-operation between Spanish and French language exams for higher education (CERTACLES / CLES) 

Odette Gabauden and Pilar Molina
Sustainable development literacy in Language Learning and Teaching 

Pete Westbrook
English for university admin staff: it’s all in the mix


Meeting details (including the meeting link) in the flyer below.


LLHE webinar 8 December 2022 flyer

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LLHE Webinar 8 Dec 2022 programme

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