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EntreSTEAM – link to recording

For those of you who missed our EntreSTEAM webinar focusing on internationalisation on 17.11.2022, we would like to share a link to the recording, with a short synopsis below.


EntreSTEAM (2020-2022) is a project funded by Erasmus+ KA203 Strategic Partnerships. The project aims to help European Higher Education Institutes enhance working-life relevance of their English language and communication courses and promote transcultural collaboration.

The project offers a course structure and learning resources for an online module combining language skills development with entrepreneurially-minded, problem-based learning. In the module, students work in transnational teams to solve current challenges through design-thinking methods.


The project is explained the EntreSTEAM website: https://www.entresteam.com/. Through the website, language teachers and their students can access the learning resources produced and adopt them for their own use.

On 17.11.2022, the EntreSTEAM project and the online module were presented at an online webinar, which covered the topics listed in the schedule below. In addition, the webinar offered an opportunity for teachers to network and find international partners with whom to plan future course collaboration supported by the resources provided by the EntreSTEAM project:


00’00”  Introduction to the team and history of the project
Marjukka Käsmä, University of Oulu

03’58”  Internationalisation at home
Małgorzata Bączyńska, Poznan University of Technology

09’54”  Introduction to the course and its rationale
Suzy McAnsh, University of Oulu, and Katarzyna Sobańska, Poznan University of Technology

33’34”  The EntreSTEAM website
Marjukka Käsmä, University of Oulu

39’10”  Our Digicampus workspace: a platform for teacher collaboration
Eva Braidwood, University of Oulu

51’06”  User perspectives from three students and one teacher
Pilar Gonzalez-Vera, University of Zaragoza (chair)

  • Alisson Zapatier Troya, University of Zaragoza, student
  • Agata Sacha, Poznan University of Technology, student
  • Tytti Tuomola, University of Oulu, student
  • Ana Hornero, University of Zaragoza, teacher

74’38”  Question and Answer session
Project team

98’18”  Summary of resources produced by the EntreSTEAM project
Suzy McAnsh, University of Oulu