SAVE THE DATE: Final event Project PENSA (Barcelona, 18 Feb)

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SAVE THE DATE: Final event Project PENSA (Barcelona, 18 Feb)

We are pleased to announce that on February 18, 2023, starting at 9am, we will be holding the face-to-face conference “Promoting students’ digital citizenship” to mark the end of the PENSA project.

The day will include different conferences and workshops, led by the Pensa project team, that explore the use of digital tools in contexts such as virtual exchange, online teaching or Blended learning and Hyflex learning. This event is aimed at education professionals, and in particular at the Higher and Secondary Education sectors.

This two year project is coordinated by Aix-Marseille Université – France. This Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project focuses on two current issues in higher education and society. The first one is the need for training and infrastructure to deliver blended, distant and/or co-modal (i.e. in-class teaching simultaneously streamed to online students) teaching during the pandemic. The second issue is the need to educate young people to the implications in the use of social networking websites (Facebook, Youtube, etc.) at psychological, sociological, economical, and ideological levels. The PENSA project addresses these issues with an overall approach of openness, both in the direction of open education and open source platforms.

The event will be useful for anyone who uses technology for language teaching and learning but it is especially suitable for language teachers in secondary and higher education.

Attendance is free but requires registration. Lunch will be served at the venue.

Please visit the conference website for registration and further details.