XIII Congreso ACLES / ACLES Conference 2023 (Salamanca, 29 Jun – 1 Jul)

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XIII Congreso ACLES / ACLES Conference 2023 (Salamanca, 29 Jun – 1 Jul)

The 13th ACLES Conference – University Language Centres and Internationalisation: New Challenges, which will take place in Salamanca from 29 June to 1 July 2023, will focus on university language centres and their important role in the Internationalisation of Higher Education.

The aim of the conference is to reflect on the challenges posed by the internationalisation of the Spanish university system, as well as to strengthen the inter-university collaboration that ACLES promotes through its working groups.

The 13th ACLES Conference will unite teachers and researchers who are experts in the teaching of foreign languages at the university level, creating a working environment and a forum for academic and scientific discussion where knowledge, experiences, and ideas can be shared around 3 main topics:

  • Language policy and the internationalisation of Spanish universities.
  • Technology and pre- and post-pandemic education: new developments in language teaching.
  • Assessment: language proficiency tests and Companion Volume.
Likewise, it will be a meeting point for dialogue on 3 additional relevant lines of action for the work carried out by the language centres within the universities they provide services to:
  • Language Centre Translation Services.
  • Language Centre Quality Assurance
  • Universal Design for Learning: Teaching and Assessment.


For more information, including important dates please visit our website in Spanish or English.