Call for Papers: Intercultural Competence and Global Citizenship (online conference, 3-4 July)

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Call for Papers: Intercultural Competence and Global Citizenship (online conference, 3-4 July)

Intercultural Competence and Global Citizenship

Online Conference: 3-4 July 2023 – University of Exeter


The Department of Language, Cultures and Visual Studies at the University of Exeter is hosting an online conference to bring together researchers, professionals and practitioners with expertise in Intercultural Competence and Global Citizenship. This is associated with the Special Interest Group in Inter-Culturality of the AULC (Association of University Language Communities in the UK & Ireland).


Intercultural competence is essential to operate in our multicultural world and it is an educational goal of Higher Education. Although traditionally the centrality of the development of intercultural competence in language learning has made Modern Language programmes and Foreign Language Centres ideal sites of intercultural expertise, intercultural competence increasingly plays a central role in the Higher Education Internationalization and Global Citizenship Educational agenda since it is an essential competence in a culturally and linguistically diverse society. All graduates should therefore be well equipped to reflect on how communities of people engage in different social practices grounded in their own values and beliefs, and make sense of the world they live in.  It is therefore important that cross-discipline good practices and experiences in terms of teaching and learning in a wide range of settings are shared and disseminated.


The invited speakers are:

·       Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey (Emeritus Professor of Intercultural Communication, University of Warwick, and Managing Director – GlobalPeople Consulting)

·       Donata Puntil (Senior Lecturer in Language and Intercultural Communication, King’s College London)


The themes of the online event are intentionally broad so as to encourage the sharing of expertise and ideas among colleagues working in different disciplines and environments. We particularly welcome presentations of research-related papers as well as case studies in the following areas: 

  • Intercultural competence and equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Embedding intercultural competence in the curriculum
  • Decolonising language teaching and language teacher education
  • Mediation and interculturality
  • Intercultural competence and (virtual) period of residence abroad and virtual encounters
  • Theoretical discussions and practical examples of successful Internationalization and Global Citizenship Education in HE
  • Intercultural training for staff and students
  • Interculturality in the arts
  • Intercultural communication, migration, and local communities

Abstracts are invited for a 20-minute presentation, followed by a 10-minute discussion. Proposals for workshops, panel discussions, and posters are also welcomed.

Abstracts should be a maximum of 250 words in a single-spaced word document. Please include the following information in your abstract submission:  

  • Title of presentation/workshop/panel discussion 
  • Author name, affiliation, and contact information 
  • A short introductory statement which explains the background/significance of your presentation/workshop/contribution
  • A brief overview of the main ideas/findings/objectives/outcomes of your contribution 


Deadline to submit an abstract: 30th April 2023

  • We will notify all authors of the outcome by 21st May 2023.


For further information, please contact Prof. Sonia Cunico ( The conference is organised by the University of Exeter with the support of AULC (Association of University Language Communities in the UK and Ireland).