CALICO – Equity, Diversity, Access and Inclusion Survey in CALL

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CALICO – Equity, Diversity, Access and Inclusion Survey in CALL

The CALICO (the Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium) subcommittee on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is seeking input from global, diverse voices to chart our social justice positions and initiatives. Over the years, CALL/TELL has not, as a field, benefited from broadly diverse representation of language scholars and practitioners for many and varied reasons. As we move forward, all voices, concerns, and needs need to be welcomed, respected, and addressed to the extent possible. Whether you are a member of CALICO currently or are not even interested, your input on computer-assisted and technology-enhanced language learning, regardless of language, location and/or status, is of great value to us. Please take a few minutes to fill out this short survey.

Link to survey

If you would like access to preliminary results, they will be available on June 9, during our panel at the CALICO 2023 Conference (5:30-6:46 pm CDT). We hope to be able to include a small number of non-members and/or non-conference attendees but we will be limited by conference resources.

If you are interested and will not be attending the conference in Minneapolis in June, please indicate that on the last question of the survey.

Thank you in advance,

Farah Akbar, Irina Ivliyeva, Kathryn Murphy-Judy, Liudmila Klimanova, Priya Panday-Shukla