RANACLES/CercleS teacher training staff week (11-14 June, Nancy)

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RANACLES/CercleS teacher training staff week (11-14 June, Nancy)

In June 2024, CercleS will have the pleasure of co-hosting with RANACLES (the French national association) an exciting event in the beautiful city of Nancy, in eastern France. Thirty language teachers from across Europe will gather to learn more about Artificial Intelligence and its place in language learning.

The approach adopted is very much hands-on, so the participants can expect to discover new tools and practice using them immediately. The use of small groups, and contributors who are themselves language teachers in Language Centres in France and elsewhere, will encourage discussion and the sharing of ideas. Three more formal communications will also provide the theoretical background to the workshops.

The European dimension of the workshop will allow the organisation of multilingual sessions, depending on the languages of the enrolled participants. This will be an opportunity to share specific ideas and tools for different languages. The provisional programme below shows Spanish, Portuguese and French, but these are merely examples.

Registration for the event is now open, by which time the final workshops and communication will have been chosen. It will be open to language teachers from all CercleS Language Centres, so watch this space for more information. Thanks to a subsidy from CercleS, the organisers hope to be able to offer the workshop at a cost of 300 euro, which includes accommodation, lunches and the final dinner. Nancy’s position in the centre of Europe will also reduce travel time and costs.

On behalf of the organisers, I would like to say that we are really excited about this event, a first for CercleS and RANACLES, and that we are really looking forward to welcoming you in Nancy in June.

To see the programme, please visit this link

To register for the training week, please complete this form.

Tom Grainger