Language Test Design and Validation Workshop (Spain, 17-28 Jun 2024)

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Language Test Design and Validation Workshop (Spain, 17-28 Jun 2024)

The Universidad de Jaén in Spain is pleased to offer another edition of their successful workshop on language test design and validation and invites interested members to register.

Three staff members from our Associate Member the Ukrainian Catholic University attended the workshop in 2023, and have used the knowledge they gained to develop the first standardised Ukrainian proficiency test.

You can read their feedback about the workshop here.

The two-week, 40-hour course will cover key issues in language test design and validation.

The course will be held at the Universidad de Jaén (Spain) from 17-28 June 2024.

During the first week we will define and learn how to design the main parts of a test: construct, specifications, components (listening, reading, writing, speaking and interaction), through theoretical and practical sessions. Participants will have the opportunity of sharing their own work with colleagues from other institutions and major examining boards.

During the second week we will focus on the statistical analysis of aspects related to validity arguments. We will use both Classical Test Theory and Item-Response Theory to analyze facility values, discrimination indexes, internal reliability, variable maps, etc. and we will see how analytic scales can be validated through Rasch models. No previous knowledge of statistics is necessary.

The course will be taught by experts in language test design with extensive experience: Brian North, co-author of the Common European Framework for Languages and the Companion Volume (1.5 hours); Adolfo Sánchez, expert on mediation at the Universidad de Granada (2 hours); Javier Fruns, Head of language assessment at the Instituto Cervantes (4 horas); David Bradshaw, Senior assessment Services and Recognition Manager for Cambridge University Press and Assessment (4 hours); Carmen Álvarez, Assessment coordinator at the Language Center of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (4 hours) and Joaquín M. Cruz, Deputy Director and Assessment Coordinator at the Center for Higher Studies in Modern Languages at the Universidad de Jaén (24.5 hours).

The course will be held in English but its theoretical and practical contents can be applied to test development and validation in any language other than English. Computers will be necessary for the second week. The Universidad de Jaén will provide participants with the necessary computers and pre-installed software, chiefly Word, Excel, SPSS, Winsteps and Facets. Participants who want to use their own laptops will have to make sure that they have access to the aforementioned software because the University of Jaén will not provide individual licenses. According to Spanish regulation, this course is considered as a Diploma de Postgrado (postgraduate course) worth 5 ECTS credits.

If you need any assistance or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Director of the diploma, Dr. Joaquín Cruz via email or at +34683750037.

For more information about the course (presenters, workload, credits, contents), fees, and accommodation, please see the website.

You can download the press kit of the course here.