Aspire to Inspire training – welcome

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A word of welcome from the trainers

Welcome to the Aspire to Inspire Training Programme, which offers you a highly professional management and leadership development experience with CercleS experts. The course is carefully structured to give you a unique learning and development experience of managerial and leadership skills tailored specifically to the needs of university language centre managers and staff with managerial functions. A group of international experts will provide you with an opportunity to develop an understanding of management and leadership skills necessary for a range of tasks, duties and responsibilities considered to be essential for running a university language centre. The four-month programme will help you get practical insight into how to become a skilled and self-reflective leader who can act effectively in diverse settings and situations.

The training programme will consist of hands-on interactive and informative online activities combined with stimulating and highly practical face-to-face workshops. Theoretical input will be integrated into individual, pair and group tasks. All activities will be based on peer work, self-reflection and application of ideas to your own context. In four months of online activities and one two-day face-to-face block of workshops, you will have a chance to interact, discuss, practise and reflect on your managerial and leadership skills. You may also discover and explore new areas of management and leadership that you have perhaps not had the chance to focus on before.

The Aspire to Inspire Training Programme will also give you an opportunity to get to know diverse language centres, create valuable professional networks, make new friends or simply enjoy a special and intensive learning experience in a safe, supportive and synergetic environment.

The original programme design was developed by Antti Hildén, Elisabeth Paliot, Heidi Rontu, Sabina Schaffner, Libor Štěpánek, Anje Dijk, Robert Koch, Ulla-Kristiina Tuomi (members of the CercleS Management & Leadership Focus Group and other colleagues from CercleS). It was discussed by colleagues from the Wulkow network.  

The flyer, which can be downloaded and shared, is available here:


Aspire to Inspire 2022-2023 flyer

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