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Language Learning in Higher Education (LLHE): Editorial board

Language Learning in Higher Education is one of the many meaningful areas of expertise that the CercleS academic community offers language education practitioners at large. It represents the meeting point where research and teaching experiences in the field of language studies are shared and further developed. Language education, humanistic approaches to language learning, multilingualism, intercultural communication, intercomprehension, academic language competences, creativity in language education are just some of the many topics worth receiving attention. We are honoured to be part of this community and, thanks to our enthusiasm, we will make every effort to foster the collaborative nature of this multifaceted European Confederation and to contribute to the recognition of its expertise. 

Carmen Argondizzo and Gillian Mansfield (editors) 


Prof. Carmen Argondizzo

Università della Calabria, Italy


C. Argondizzo Profile 2020

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Prof. Gillian Mansfield

Università di Parma, Italy


G. Mansfield Bios 2020

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Assistant Editors

Fiona Dalziel, Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy

Annick Rivens Mompean, Université de Lille, France


Editors’ Technical Assistants

Jean Marguerite Jimenez, Università della Calabria, Italy

Micòl Beseghi, Università di Parma, Italy


Scientific Board

Marco Cappellini, RANACLES

Catherine Chabert, AULC

Thomas Christiansen, AICLU

Ana de Medeiros, AULC

Andreas Hettiger, AKS

Martin Mikulas, CASALC CZ

Michael Nelson, FINELC

Stephanie Neuner-Anfindsen, SSH-CHES

Cristina Pérez Guillot, ACLES

David Prickett, AKS

Laurent Rouveyrol, RANACLES

Mirjam Trapman, NUT


LLHE-Roles and Tasks of the Editorial Board

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LLHE Submission Guidelines

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