Who we are

European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education

Founded in Strasbourg in 1991, CercleS is a confederation of Language Centres in Europe and beyond

It brings together almost 400 Language Centres, Departments, Institutes, Faculties or Schools in Higher Education whose main responsibility is the teaching of language and academic communication. Its members have thousands of academic, administrative and technical staff, who work for hundreds of thousands of students who learn languages and academic communication. CercleS is committed to the highest possible standards in language education and research in order to:

  • support Language Centres in European establishments of higher education,
  • promote research in foreign language learning at international level,
  • encourage international and interdisciplinary cooperation between Language Centres.

In order to achieve its aims, CercleS organises conferences, trainings and talks, publishes a scientific journal and sends out regular information to its members about relevant activities.

CercleS also facilitates:

  • staff training,
  • exchanges between centres,
  • research into language teaching and learning,
  • observation of the technological developments relevant to language teaching
  • scholarly publication.

Membership fees for 2021 and 2022
The CercleS membership fee for 2021 and 2022 is set at €100 per institutional member (= Language Centre) per year.

Each national association or an associate member pays the fees directly to the CercleS bank account till the end of March. For further info on the payment details,
please contact the Secretary General, Dr. Anne Chateau (generalsecretariat@cercles.org)

This fee entitles a member to: 

  • get regular information about CercleS activities (webinars, seminars, workshops, conferences, focus group events, calls for publications), 
  • participate in CercleS activities at a reduced fee, 
  • participate in CercleS conferences at a reduced fee, 
  • get access to the CercleS website (member area), 
  • get access to all Mouton De Gruyter publications in the login area of the CercleS website, and 
  • get an opportunity to become a part of the community sharing values and ideas of modern language and communication learning in Higher Education.